Soccer Heads Unblocked Game

Soccer Heads Unblocked is an awesome game which many soccer game lovers love to play. This Game has a smooth and easy gameplay. This one of the best sports heads soccer game which every player was in love with. This Sports Heads Soccer Unblocked games has both Single Player and 2 Players Games. So you can enjoy the gameplay with your friends.

Soccer Heads Unblocked

You should control a single in an intense tension 1 on 1 match to win the game by defeating the opponent. You must score more goals than the opponent in order to win the match. This game uses a Bobble Head Mechanics with one leg to kick the Soccer Ball. This is the main reason why it is called as Soccer Heads Unblocked Game as we are playing with the heads.

About Game Soccer Heads Unblocked:

Head Soccer Games is one of the most popular games out in the market. In those Head Soccer Games, Soccer Heads unblocked and Foot Heads Soccer Games are most Popular games. In this heads soccer unblocked games, basically we will have a game like a soccer but with heads only.

When we start the game we will be provided with our head. We should defeat the opponent by scoring more number of goals by using the proper timing and power-ups in the game. This Game is released in June 2013 and maintaining the excellent response from the gaming community. The Game consists of 10 Rounds and they are as follows

  • 1st Round: Wine Runey
  • 2nd Round: Rude Gullsnest
  • 3rd Round: Cristiano Rollover
  • 4th Round: Zizu Top
  • 5th Round: Michel La-Tiny
  • 6th Round: Ronald O
  • 7th Round: Roberto Badgero
  • 8th Round: Eric Canteena
  • 9th Round: Mary Donna
  • 10th Round: Peely

You can move to the next round only when you win the present round. Play the game and you will know the enjoyment in the game. I can’t express in my words.

Features of the Soccer Heads Unblocked Game:

They are some awesome features of the game which makes the game easier and very smooth to play. Some of the most important features are as follows.

  • You can Play Solo in the Tournament.
  • Can also Play 2 player game as well. You and your friends can enjoy this game with 2 player mode.
  • Choose your Favorite Team while starting the game.
  • You can even choose the Head Type Appearance as well.
  • Some Awesome Power-ups in the game. (Powerups part we will explain each and every power up)

Soccer Heads Unblocked Game Play Controls :

As I said above this game soccer heads offers one player as well as the second player game. So we will explain each and every control for both the players.

Soccer Heads unblocked Game

Single Player Controls:

  • To Move Side to Side, We should use LEFT and RIGHT Arrows.
  • Jump, Use UP Arrow.
  • To Kick the ball, Use SpaceBar

Two player Controls:

  • Player 1 Uses WASD to Move and SPACEBAR to Kick.
  • Player 2 uses Arrow Keys to Move and P to Kick.

Soccer Heads Unblocked Power-Ups:

Power up’s is the best ways to get the goals and win the game. Hitting Power-ups with the ball will affect the game in various ways. These power-ups will work only when you hit the power with the ball. We are explaining all the power-ups in the soccer heads unblocked.  They are as follows.

  • SPEED BOOST: This Power-up Will Speed the Ball Towards Goal
  • INCREASE JUMP: This Power up will Increase the jump off yourself.
  • ICE OPPONENT, PREVENTING MOVEMENTS: This will Make the Opponent into Ice and Make him unable to move.

soccer heads unblocked la liga

  • BIG GOAL: This will Increase the Goal Size…
  • GROW: Your Head will Grow Big then Opponents.
  • BREAKS YOUR LEG: This will Break your Leg Means the Kick Option will not work until the power up ends.
  • DECREASES SPEED: This will Decrease the speed of the Ball.
  • DECREASES JUMP: This Will Decrease the Jump of yourself.
  • ICES YOURSELF, PREVENTING MOVEMENT: This will Make yourself into Ice and you Unable to Move.
  • SMALL GOAL: This will Decrease the Goal Size.
  • SHRINK: Your Head Size will be Small.
  • BREAKS OPPONENTS LEG: This will Make the Opponent Leg not to work. Means the Kick of the Opponents will not work.
  • BOMBS: The Bombs will appear in the Game Play.
  • DULL BALL: The Soccer Ball becomes Dull.
  • BIG BALL: The Soccer Ball becomes Big.
  • BOUNCY BALL: The Soccer Ball becomes Bouncy Ball.
  • SMALL BALL: The Soccer Ball Becomes Small.
  • STREAKER: NO WORDS to Say 🙂 😛

So these are the Power-ups which we can see in the game.

Watch the video for more info. You can see how to play soccer heads unblocked game.

Start Playing the game with friends or Solo and enjoy the awesome gameplay will large variety of power-ups. Make sure to keep your eye on goals. make sure to complete the goals in time to win on your opponent.  Keep Playing Soccer Heads Unblocked game & Soccer Heads 2 Unblocked game at ..