Penalty Shootout Multi League Game

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In this Penalty Shootout Multi League, pick your favorite team from 12 leagues. After that battle your way into the finals to win the trophy. Play as goalkeeper and shooter and wait for the perfect moment to defend or attack. These Soccer Unblocked Games has different Game Controls based on their layout. These game controls are given below.

Penalty Shootout Multi League

Set the direction, height, and strength of the shot to score as many goals as possible during the group and knockout phase. As a goalie, you have to be quick and tap the correct spot to defend your goal. Can you beat your opponents and win the cup?

Penalty Shootout multi League Game Controls:

  • Left click to stop the indicators and catch the ball.

This is the only control key to control all the game shoots and everything in the game. Just start playing the game and enjoy the gameplay of the game. Keep visiting Soccer heads unblocked website for more games.

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