Puppet Soccer Fighters

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Puppet Soccer Fighters is a cool game with amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, and funny animation. Take part in the 1vs1 soccer battle. Yours is to outscore your opponent before the match ends and with amazing power-ups and special abilities. There are Campaign and casual matches to keep you entertained. You have to win the Sports heads soccer championship to win the complete game.

Puppet Soccer Fighters

Aim your kicks carefully and use the correct amount of power to angle your shots properly. As you do damage your power bar builds up and you can eventually unleash a devastating special attack that is unique to each character. As you progress you can collect new players who have different abilities and stronger stats. Can you get on the Puppet Soccer leaderboard?

Puppet Soccer Fighters Game Controls:

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to kick
  • Space bar to use a special ability

These are the gaming controls of the game Puppet soccer fighters. This game is an interesting game to play with awesome gameplay. Play Unlimited number of unblocked games at Soccer heads unblocked.

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