Puppet Soccer Zoo Game

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Puppet Soccer Zoo is a soccer heads unblocked games like its prequels. The animal soccer league is the real deal in today’s sports. Go through the different territories of the animal world and face increasingly dangerous opponents, from the humble turtle to the mighty lion.

Puppet Soccer Zoo

Animals also have the right to play football. In the game Puppet Soccer Zoo, cats, dogs, lions, pandas, frogs and other animals more or less ferocious will be able to compete in 1vs1 matches and try to win a maximum of rewards. In this episode of Puppet Soccer, you can evolve your character. Dozens of levels can be achieved and the more you advance in the game, the more difficult your opponents will be to beat.

 Puppet Soccer Zoo Game Controls:

  • Left and right arrow to move left or right
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to kick the ball
  • Spacebar to shoot at the goal

These are the main control keys which we use regularly and these are enough to play the game. Get More Unblocked games from Soccer Heads unblocked and play them whenever you want.

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