Toon Cup 2018 Game

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Play Toon Cup 2018 for this pick 3 players from your favorite Cartoon Network shows and play for your country the Toon Cup tournament. This year’s new playable characters are Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg from Teen Titans Go. Win games to earn coins so you can unlock new characters in Sports Head Soccer. And don’t forget.

Toon Cup 2018

The aim is to score goals whilst defending your own net. Tackle the ball, dribble, pass, and shoot. Watch out for the random power-ups that drop during the game too – they can give your team members a vital boost, or cause them problems. Unlock new players by earning coins. The better your results, the more coins you can earn.

Toon Cup 2018 Game Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to pass the ball and tackle
  • You can use Arrow Keys to Move as Well.

These are the game controls which we should use while playing the game. Many people are in love with this game and it is one of the best to play. Get More Unblocked Games from Soccer Heads Unblocked.

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